Area Specialist Pty Ltd

Nick Abregu

Director of Digital Marketing

Director of Digital Marketing at Area Specialist, Nick started in Digital Marketing in 2010 after a change in career from Electrical Engineering.

After an initial hustle Nick found himself with an array of clients in his portfolio ranging from small mum and dad businesses all the way to Krispy Kreme and the Melbourne Fringe Festival.

Apart from coaching and lecturing businesses, his most prized work comes from his love of philanthropy.

Early in his career, Nick adopted a “give back” attitude to business that allowed him to work with charities and their digital marketing teams which included - Share the Dignity, Soi Dog Thailand, consultant to the World Ambassador for the Dog Meat trade. 

Nick later went on to start his own charity - the Winter Care Package in 2015 where they help the less fortunate star warm during the winter months.

He’s always trying to challenge himself to learn a new life skill but in his spare time, you will find Nick out in the forest on his Dirt Bike, barbecuing some low and slow briskets and ribs, and playing some jams on his Ukulele.

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